How Do You Learn Hypnosis?

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Many people ask the question of how to learn hypnosis. In fact, most of these enthusiasts want to know how long will it take to learn the art of hypnosis. The answer to this question has lots of depth. There are numerous methods of learning hypnosis. The duration of the process may depend on many factors such as the commitment of the student, the expertise of the teacher, and what method is used to learn the art. When one asks the question of how to learn the art, does he/she need to hypnotize someone? Or, do they want to learn the art to help others use it? Do these people just want to learn the art or master it? These are the questions that you need to ask yourself if you have a plan of learning hypnosis. This article articulates an overview of how to learn hypnotherapy.

The Learning Process

Learning hypnotherapy doesn’t take long if you only want to hypnotize someone. In fact, if your goal is to hypnotize someone else, you can learn the art of it in a couple of sessions. All you need is a “willing” subject and a few hypnotic inductions that you can read to him/her. You simply read the installations, and the person would go into hypnosis. If this is your goal, you can easily learn the art of hypnotherapy. But most people want to go deeper than that when they say they want to learn hypnotherapy. In particular, specialities like past life regression hypnosis will require a very deep field of study.  The deeper specialities will require strong focus and a deep commitment to your craft.

Hypnosis Programs

Many programs and study courses teach hypnotherapy. In fact, you will find a host of institutions – online and offline – that offer hypnotherapy courses of various lengths. There are 10-day courses, 3-month courses, and even 1-2 year programs out there. You may opt for a classroom environment or online study course when learning the art of hypnotherapy. There are 10-day class certification programs that include theory and actual hypnosis. In fact, you get the chance of hypnotizing your classmates to practice the art. Such a course can be very useful with the practical part of the program. But if you choose an online program, you may miss this part of the program. It doesn’t mean that online programs are ineffective. You have the choice of selecting an appropriate hypnosis program depending on your location, free time, cost, and experience level. That is why you should be cautious when choosing the best hypnotherapy program to learn the art of hypnosis.

Hypnotherapy Methods

There are many methods of learning hypnotherapy. You can learn the art from a live training program, a video training program, a book, and on the internet. If you decide to learn hypnosis from a live trainer, it is one of the best decisions in learning the art. Seek out a reputable hypnosis instructor in your area for this purpose. You can easily find a reliable hypnosis instructor by search Google or Bing. Visit online communities related to hypnotherapy for this purpose. Ask around and tell the members that you are searching for a reputable instructor to learn hypnotherapy.

Videos on Hypnotic State Induction

On the other hand, if you decide to learn the art of hypnotherapy from a video training program, it is the next best thing to a live trainer. In fact, a video program is better than a book when it comes to learning hypnosis. A moving picture can show you what written descriptions cannot. Hence, try to find a good video program to learn hypnosis if you are not in a position to get a live trainer for this purpose. You can easily find a good video training program offered by reputable hypnosis trainers on the market.  Once you come to know of a few excellent instructors functioning in the area, you can ask them if they offer video training programs on hypnosis. Most of the time, these instructors may offer such programs for students who cannot come to their classroom training sessions. These video programs are quite inexpensive compared to live classroom training sessions. That way you can save some money in the process too.

Finding the Best System

If you cannot afford both the aforementioned training methods, you may opt to learn the art by reading a book written on the subject matter. But this is not the best way to learn hypnosis. In fact, there are hundreds of books written on the subject. You can easily find a good book on hypnosis by visiting your local book store or searching the internet. It is best if you can use reading as a supplement to attending a live course or video training program. In fact, a live course is the best place to get all your questions answered. A video training course may give you the option of asking questions via e-mails. On the other hand, when you are in a live environment, the instructor can show you the errors in the techniques you use. This is not possible when you opt for a video training program or a book to learn the art of hypnosis. There is no better place to learn hypnotherapy than in a live environment with a live trainer.

Local Hypnosis Centers

The web has made learning hypnosis easier than ever before. You can find a host of resources related to the art of hypnosis on the internet. There are free and paid websites that teach hypnotherapy. You have to choose the right support for this purpose. With a host of resources learning hypnosis in this day and age, choosing the right instructor or support is not going to be an easy task. There are many things that you need to look for when doing so. Research before selecting the right hypnotherapy instructor on the market. You can search Google or Bing for the best hypnotherapy instructor or class in your area. That way you should get a list of practitioners functioning in the area. Check the reputation, experience, credentials, price, schedule, and other important factors before you decide to select the best instructor for the process.

Building a Base of Hypnotherapy Clients

Many students want to know how long it takes to learn the art of hypnosis. In fact, you can learn the art in a few minutes time if your goal is to hypnotize a “willing subject.” On the other hand, if you wish to completely master the technique and help other people by relieving their stress and depression, you need to follow at least a 10-day hypnosis program conducted by a reputable and experienced hypnotherapy school out there. In fact, you can become a good hypnotherapist in 10 days if you find a good training program and dedicate yourself to learning the art of hypnosis. The program will give you only the know-how on the subject. You must practice what you learned by working with real clients. You will become a confident hypnotherapist after seeing at least 10-15 customers in the real world. Your skills will become much stronger once you have seen 50-75 clients in reality.

Most Popular Types of Hypnotherapy

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Hypnotherapy is an effective form of therapy using hypnosis. A therapist will use one of many types of hypnotherapy to help a patient. The type used depends on what is right for the patient and also on what kind of hypnosis is the specialty area of the therapist.

There are many types of hypnotherapy, and the most popular include traditional hypnosis, Ericksonian hypnosis, Neuro-Linguistic Programming or NLP and cognitive hypnotherapy. Past life regression therapy is also popular but the belief in it being authentic is under some debate. Whether or not past lives are real is what is in question as the therapy itself seems to be helpful for many patients in overcoming lifelong fears or blocks.

Traditional Hypnosis

The traditional form of hypnotherapy involves the hypnotherapist putting a patient into a very relaxed state. When the patient is in this state, suggestions are put directly into their subconscious mind to help them achieve the results they want. This form is the most common type used and it also the most the most popular in North America.

Ericksonian Hypnosis is slightly different. The therapist hypnotizes the client ad puts suggestions or commands into the patient’s subconscious mind. The suggestions are metaphorical rather than literal. The conscious mind might have trouble figuring out what the metaphor represents but the subconscious mind is instantly receptive to the metaphor and its meaning.

This form of hypnotherapy is useful for people who are skeptical about hypnosis or who are overly critical. When these people enter a trance, the metaphors bypass the conscious mind where criticism and skepticism reside. They get to the subconscious directly and help the person achieve the results they want from their hypnotherapy faster and easier.

Neuro Linguistic Programming

NLP is a very advanced form of hypnosis for severe problems, traumas, and addictions. For smokers or overeaters, this therapy works by having the subconscious recall different behaviors with the triggers that cause the patient to smoke or overeat. A patient might is suggested to handle a morning cup of coffee and a cigarette craving by wanting a cup of coffee and a brief morning walk instead.

For those patients looking to use NLP to lose weight, they may be suggested to see themselves in a particular outfit, looking slim and feeling confident. The NLP hypnotherapy works by giving the subconscious a brand new set of thought patterns or scripts. If a patient is unhappy with the way they look at their current weight, the NLP reprograms them to think of how happy they are with the way they look at their targeted weight.

Cognitive therapy or cognitive behavioral hypnotherapy works much like traditional cognitive therapy. This form of hypnotherapy combines hypnosis with cognitive therapy. Patients are taught new methods to think about themselves or their problems and fears. With this new way of seeing things, desired behaviors are put into action and become habits.

Past Life Regression

Past life regression is a form of hypnotherapy that uses the subconscious to retrieve memories of past lives and problems that occurred during past lives which affect the patient’s present life. During the hypnosis, the hypnotherapist gives the patient suggestions for going back in time, until the patient is taken back to a time before they were born in this life.

These forms of hypnotherapy are all popular because they are effective. Different types of hypnotherapy treat a variety of different people. What works for one patient may not for another. These forms of therapy can work to heal people much like traditional psychotherapy in that they help get at the causes of problems.

How to Learn Hypnosis

Hypnosis is a helpful technique that can improve a person’s self-confidence, creativity, and athletic abilities. It has been proven to help cure phobias, and help people to stop smoking and lose weight. There is no doubt that it can improve life on all levels from career and finances to relationships and health. If you are interested in becoming a professional hypnotherapist, you will take a giant leap forward in your life.

First, you need to learn hypnosis. You can learn how to hypnotize yourself methodically, but to practice as a legitimate learning hypnosis easilyhypnotherapist, you will need to take a formal course and become certified. You can learn how to hypnotize yourself or others just for fun or out of curiosity.

If you do want to learn it for these reasons, you can learn a lot through books on the subject. There are also plenty of DVDs or CDs as well as websites, online forums and communities that cover the basics of hypnotism and the steps needed to put someone in a hypnotic state of mind.

If you are looking to become a professional, you may want to refer to books or other media on the subject to get familiar with what it is. You then will need to find a school that offers a certified program and takes the courses there to obtain certification.

What to Expect from Hypnosis Training

Live training can vary from school to school regarding the system of hypnosis. You pay your tuition fee and attend live classes over a period of days or weeks.

You learn how to do induction which is the process of getting a patient to relax and enter a hypnotic state. You find out how to get each patient into this state efficiently. The techniques you practice in class on other classmates help you understand how to work to get the best results for your patient.

Age regression will be covered in most all certification courses as well as chair work. You will learn how to offer suggestions to help the patient meditate. You will be given all the class materials you need after you pay your tuition.

Hypnosis schools often afford students the opportunity to learn specialized techniques such as rewinding a patient’s memory to overcome post-traumatic stress disorder. They may also offer specific classes on how to help patients stop smoking or stop overeating.

You will obtain your certification after completing the course. After this, you can go on to practice. Before going out on your own to practice, however, you will want to undergo more training or work under another therapist’s guidance.

Becoming Certified in Hypnotherapy

patterns of tranceAs a certified hypnotist, you will eventually be running a business and will need to invest some money on it. Prepare for these expenses when you decide to train to be a hypnotist. Licensed and accredited schools will charge for tuition, but those charges vary. Be sure to calculate the cost of starting your business, too.

You can make a positive difference to others in the world. Start training to be a hypnotherapist by attending a licensed program in your area. You can start to learn the basics on your own through books and other media now.

You can even take online classes to understand more about this medically approved technique for using the powers of the mind. Once you familiarize yourself more with it, you will be ready to go to your classes and get your certification.

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