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Van Sant Bridge Ghosts


Solebury Township, PA

Van Sant Bridge

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I have heard many different stories associated with this bridge. One is the "Crybaby Bridge" Legend that seems to exist in every area of the country. A young unmarried girl, who is either pregnant or has the newborn, is thrown out of her home, abandoned by her lover, and decides to end it all by throwing herself and her baby off the bridge. The story goes that if you stand on the bridge and look over the side, you can hear a baby crying.
The other story associated with the bridge is that the shape of a man hanging from the beams of the bridge. Supposedly horse thieves were hanged from the bridge.

Thanks Ally for sharing the following:

I went to the bridge in February 2003. It was about 2 a.m. as I drove up to the bridge. As we drove across the eerie old bridge, I felt like turning around and going home! I mean, the place had an aura...

My companions talked me into parking near the bridge and getting out of the car. We had a video camera that they used to videotape our "tour" of the area. I would not go onto the bridge. While they were in another area, I saw a small light in the area by the creek. I know it did not come from my companions, who had no way of generating a light like that. Anyway, they were inside the bridge at the time. I also heard a lot of whispering, but no words were audible. My friends saw and heard nothing, and spent most of the time joking about men being hanged there. While they were joking, they were videotaping the rafters. They saw nothing.
At the end of our excursion, they asked me to drive over the bridge with the lights off and the windows down. I stopped once inside. I heard the whispers again, off to my left, outside the vehicle. My friends claimed to hear nothing.
We watched the footage and saw very little. The whispering was picked up, though! It wasnt the whole time, but was very noticeable at the end. During the times the whispering was audible, everything I said seemed to be whispered in a genderless voice. Everything of what I said happened before I said it as if the forces there guided my thoughts and actions. It is not the first time that eerie things have occurred in my presence.
Thanks , Ally!

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