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Valley Forge Park Ghosts


Valley Forge

No battle in the traditional sense was fought at Valley Forge, but many believe those who died during Washington's encampment were no less heroic than those that perished at Brandywine . The men at Valley Forge fought the battle against hunger, they fought a battle against disease which was rampant, as well as a battle against cold , during one of the coldest winters ever. They also fought against despair, as they were in the midst of a war, ill-equipped and ill-trained, against the strongest nation int he world.
Valley Forge was so tough that General Washington even began to question the wisdom of continuing with the Revolution, as written in his later published letters, in which he describes how, at the height of his despair he was visited by an "angel" who urged him, as a "Son of the Republic" to keep fighting.
There are markers in Valley Forge to honour the men who died there. One marks the resting place of John Waterman, and another monument was built nearby
Over the years people have reported seeing campfires burning at Valley Forge. On stormy winter nights, people have reported seeing the ghosts of soldiers walking in the park, as they did so many years ago
Guides and guests have seen men dressed as Revolutionary soldiers and assumed that they are part of a re-enactment, only to find out later that there is no re-enactment.
Other people have reported seeing a form dangling from a tree. When they get close they realize that it is a man, hanging. When they return with help he is gone. The stroy is that a spy was hanged there during the Revolutionary War.

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