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Red Rose Inn Ghosts


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804 West Baltimore Pike
West Grove, PA 19390

This land was once the property of William Penn. According to the story, the property was sublet to someone in the Penn family. Tha annual rent was one red rose. The next owners were well-known rose growers, and it was at this time that the building was named "The Red Rose Inn".

The inn had been built in 1740 at the junction of a road used by settlers between Philadelphia and Baltimore and an Indian trail used by the Delaware and the Lenape tribes. Since inns were so scarce in those days, this inn quickly became a center of commerce and a place where travelers could rest, eat, and catch up on news.

In 1829, a large addition was built onto the inn. It has not changed much since then. The current owners acquired the property in the early 80's and have been dedicated to preserving the inn's historical atmosphere.

One legend associated with the inn is that a little girl ("Emily") was murdered by an Indian ("Joe") and he was subsequently hanged on the property and buried in the basement. After the execution, it was discovered that Joe was innocent of the murder. His spirit is said to inhabit the inn, but the ghost of Emily is the one most frequently reported. People have also seen the spirit of the little girl walking around near the ladies room on the main floor. She was also seen by the owner, standing at the top of the stairs. He described her as a little girl, wearing a fancy dress and holding a doll.
Several patrons have seen older ladies and an old gentleman in the lounge, however. This is a small area between the edge of the bar and the restrooms. In particular, several of the staff have reported seeing a man in an ugly plaid jacket. Bartenders have glanced up, seen someone sitting there, asked, "Can I help you?". The "someone" then vanishes in plain view of the bartender and patrons!
There are also reports of objects being moved inexplicably, and mysterious disappearing and reappearing of items as well as calculators turning themselves on and off. Once, the owner arrived in the bar in the morning to find the huge wall mirror behind the bar smashed to bits on the floor. All the glass was broken, but neatly crushed within the mirror frame. In order for it to have fallen that way, it would have had to fall down and hit three rows of liquor bottles that were stacked behind the bar. The bottles were intact and untouched!


We were contacted by someone who had gone through the property with a real estate agent and she felt that it was still actively haunted.
Further Update:

This was submitted by a visitor to our site:
Hi, Iím pretty skeptical of ghosts in general, but I just thought Iíd mention this. Iím 18 now but when I was about 10 my family and I had dinner at the Red Rose Inn. I went to the bathroom and there was no one else there. When I stepped inside the stall, I saw a little girl very clearly through the crack in between the door and the next stall. She was wearing a dress, I think it was blue, and had brown curly hair, and just stood there staring. Her face seemed blurry especially around her eyes and mouth. Then she just disappeared and I was so freaked out I ran right out of there. Iíve had this memory for a long time and didnít know what to think of it, I knew there were stories about the place. Today I was trying to find the Red Rose Inn website for summer work, and came across your site. When I read that thereís supposed to be a little girl there, wearing fancy clothing, around the ladies room, well it really freaked me out. I donít think I want to go back there again.

We welcome anyone who has experienced any paranormal events at this location to contact us.

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