Most Popular Types of Hypnotherapy

drifting into trance

Hypnotherapy is an effective form of therapy using hypnosis. A therapist will use one of many types of hypnotherapy to help a patient. The type used depends on what is right for the patient and also on what kind of hypnosis is the specialty area of the therapist.

There are many types of hypnotherapy, and the most popular include traditional hypnosis, Ericksonian hypnosis, Neuro-Linguistic Programming or NLP and cognitive hypnotherapy. Past life regression therapy is also popular but the belief in it being authentic is under some debate. Whether or not past lives are real is what is in question as the therapy itself seems to be helpful for many patients in overcoming lifelong fears or blocks.

Traditional Hypnosis

The traditional form of hypnotherapy involves the hypnotherapist putting a patient into a very relaxed state. When the patient is in this state, suggestions are put directly into their subconscious mind to help them achieve the results they want. This form is the most common type used and it also the most the most popular in North America.

Ericksonian Hypnosis is slightly different. The therapist hypnotizes the client ad puts suggestions or commands into the patient’s subconscious mind. The suggestions are metaphorical rather than literal. The conscious mind might have trouble figuring out what the metaphor represents but the subconscious mind is instantly receptive to the metaphor and its meaning.

This form of hypnotherapy is useful for people who are skeptical about hypnosis or who are overly critical. When these people enter a trance, the metaphors bypass the conscious mind where criticism and skepticism reside. They get to the subconscious directly and help the person achieve the results they want from their hypnotherapy faster and easier.

Neuro Linguistic Programming

NLP is a very advanced form of hypnosis for severe problems, traumas, and addictions. For smokers or overeaters, this therapy works by having the subconscious recall different behaviors with the triggers that cause the patient to smoke or overeat. A patient might is suggested to handle a morning cup of coffee and a cigarette craving by wanting a cup of coffee and a brief morning walk instead.

For those patients looking to use NLP to lose weight, they may be suggested to see themselves in a particular outfit, looking slim and feeling confident. The NLP hypnotherapy works by giving the subconscious a brand new set of thought patterns or scripts. If a patient is unhappy with the way they look at their current weight, the NLP reprograms them to think of how happy they are with the way they look at their targeted weight.

Cognitive therapy or cognitive behavioral hypnotherapy works much like traditional cognitive therapy. This form of hypnotherapy combines hypnosis with cognitive therapy. Patients are taught new methods to think about themselves or their problems and fears. With this new way of seeing things, desired behaviors are put into action and become habits.

Past Life Regression

Past life regression is a form of hypnotherapy that uses the subconscious to retrieve memories of past lives and problems that occurred during past lives which affect the patient’s present life. During the hypnosis, the hypnotherapist gives the patient suggestions for going back in time, until the patient is taken back to a time before they were born in this life.

These forms of hypnotherapy are all popular because they are effective. Different types of hypnotherapy treat a variety of different people. What works for one patient may not for another. These forms of therapy can work to heal people much like traditional psychotherapy in that they help get at the causes of problems.

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