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Moravian College Ghosts

Main Street, Bethlehem, PA

This college was founded in 1742, which makes it America's sixth oldest college.

The building that houses the music department at Moravian Colllege, the Brethren's House, was originally the residence of the single men of the Moravian Community. The building later was used as a hospital during the Revolutionary War. George Washington himself came to visit in 1783!

Ghosts reportedly roam the building at night. Many of the ghostly activities are believed to be caused by the spirits of those men who spent their lives for our nation and their final moments in the Brethren's House. Brethren's House is also haunted by the ghost of a Revolutionary War nurse.

Other haunted buildings on this campus are:

Main Hall -  Haunted by the spirits of an elderly couple, who have been seen sitting on the sofa in this women's dorm.
Comenius Hall -   Haunted by the ghost of a soldier who died in WWI.
Phi Mu Epsilon Sorority -   Haunted by the ghost of Alicia, who perished after being pushed down the stairs while arguing with her boyfriend. She is seen in the attic rooms.

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