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The Logan Inn Ghosts


Ferry St., New Hope, PA

Logan Inn

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The Logan Inn is Bucks County's oldest continuously running inn. It was established in 1727, as a tavern by the founder of New Hope, John Wells. Unlike the Black Bass Inn, the Logan Inn did offer its services to George Washington and his men. The Logan Inn's other claim to fame is that it has not one or two, but FOUR ghosts!

Room #6 seems to be the most haunted area of the inn. Women have reported seeing the reflection of a man in the bathroom mirror. When they turn around, startled, he is no longer there. This room has also been referred to as "Emily's Room". Emily is believed to be the mother of a prior owner of the inn. A businessman who slept in the room reported waking to a pressure on his chest. When he looked up he saw a white, misty shape in the room. He left immediately, right in the middle of the night!
In that same room, guests have reported seeing the transluscent figures of two children. No one knows the origin of the spirit of the children - although one may be connected to the spirit also seen in the parking lot behind the inn. The children have also been seen reflected in the mirror.
Other incidents in Room 6 include the sound of crying and pillows pulled from beneath the heads of sleeping guests.
Upstairs in the inn is also a large portrait of a couple. (This portrait has now been relocated to the lobby) It is said that the woman in the picture favoured lavender perfume, and when she is about, checking on the guests, you can still smell her perfume. You may also smell it when you walk by the portrait. I have experienced this myself, but I had to keep walking to smell it. When I would catch the scent and stop to look around, it would leave. As I walked back again past the painting, I would smell it.

The Portrait

Another ghost that I experienced during my numerous visits to this inn is the one of the colonial soldier. I saw him in the bar area, standing over towards the door. He seemed like he was waiting for something or someone. When I first saw him, I thought that he was a regular person, but then I noticed that his clothes seemed strange, and I thought maybe he was a guide or someone in a costume. Then I looked back and he was gone. Then I felt very cold on my side, as if someone opened a freezer next to me.

The ghost of this soldier has been reported in the bar area,basement and dining room. The history is that the body of a colonial soldier was kept in the basement because when he died, the ground was too frozen to bury him.

Another ghost has been sighted in the basement, that of a man in knee breeches. He has also been seen on the steps leading down to the men's room. Heavy footsteps are heard in the basement. Employees have reported full kegs of beer falling over on their own. Lights also turn off unexpectedly.
The fourth ghost, and the one seen the least, is that of a little girl in the parking lot. She supposedly drowned when she fell from the bridge. She was seen by Adi-Kent Thomas-Jeffries, authour of Ghosts in the Valley when she was running the New Hope Ghost Tours.

We welcome anyone who has experienced any paranormal events at this location to contact us.

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