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Lemon Hill

Fairmount Park

Henry Pratt purchased this property in 1799 from a Robert Morris. In 1800, Pratt built the present mansion called Lemon Hill. It was called Lemon Hill after the reknowned lemon trees in the Morris greenhouses.
At times, visitors have reported the smell of fresh lemons, even though the trees and greenhouses are no longer there. Apparitions of those who tended the gardens have been seen as well, still lovingly tending their gardens.
A retired Philadelphia Police officer told me that in the early 1990's, two city police officers who were on patrol saw a woman in white come from the direction of Lemon Hill. She crossed the road in front of them and walked down towards the river. Something about her made them think she was in trouble or possibly a suicide, so they called out to her. When she did not respond, they followed her to the river, where she disappeared right in front of them!

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