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The Inn at Buck Hill Falls


35 Falls Drive
Buck Hill Falls, PA

The Buck Hill Inn was a mountain getaway for Philadelphia Quakers, who founded it in 1901. The original Inn that was built in 1901 had 18 rooms.Over the decades that followed, visitors built homes nearby, and eventually the five-story inn was opened to outside guests. Helen Keller, Eleanor Roosevelt, Ted Kennedy, and Thurgood Marshall had stayed at the Inn. The inn fell into disrepair in the 1980s and closed in 1990.In 2001 it was featured on the "reality" MTV show "Fear." Contestants wandered the dark, abandoned inn, terrified. The inn was portrayed as full of ghosts with a ghastly history of murder and madness. (from July 10, 2003, Pocono Record)
It is hard to sort out the fact from fiction with this inn. It is private property and there is NO TRESPASSING - and yes, it is enforced. If you are seen on the property, you will be arrested.
Supposedly the second and third floors of this inn are haunted by an unidentified presence that has confronted maids and security people. I was unimpressed with the MTV Fear episode - I saw nothing that indicated to me it was haunted, and I have found no proof of any murder or suicide that occurred in Room 354 or anywhere in or around the hotel.

If you have any information about the hauntings here or any of the events that precipitated them, please Contact Us.
The Property is currently for sale

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