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First National Bank

This is the oldest bank building in America and was established to create a standard currency. It was built in 1795, while Philadelphia was still the capital of the U.S. The first treasurer, Alexander Hamilton, saw the need for this national bank, and it was founded under his guidance.
Unfortunately, Hamilton was constantly bothered by questions concerning his birth, his honesty and his integrity, even though he was truly an honest man. He was just someone who spoke his mind. This straightforwardness of his character is what caused him to end up in a duel with Aaron Burr in Weehauken, NJ in 1804. He was badly wounded in the duel, and died the next day. At his death, he was very deeply in debt, and left behind his wife and several children.
In the days immediately following his death, the ghost of Alexander Hamilton was seen in the bank. In 1811, the Congress voted to abandon the bank and its charter, and the bank was purchased by Stephen Girard. He brought a Catholic priest in to bless the building. Although there were fewer sightings of Hamilton after that, there have been sporadic encounters over the years.

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