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Burial Mounds

Back in the 1880s, a burial mound was discovered near Sayre. But instead of Indian bodies, W.K. Morehead, Dr. G.P. Donehoo and A.B. Skinner of Philadelphia's American Investigating Museum dug out skeletons. The skeletons were either lost or stolen from the Philadelphia Investigating Museum. They were reported to be seven feet tall with 4" horns protruding from their brows. The apparitions of the creatures have also been reportedly seen roaming the area. The bones were supposedly dated back to 1200 AD. They were sent to the Philadephia museum, where according to legend they disappeared. Some spoilsports claim that the skulls were actually tribal masks and the horns were antlers.
These horned giants, which could easily be likened to the mythological Satyr were discovered in a town called Sayre - coincidence? Horned creatures have been associated with ‘Gods’ across the world, from Norse mythology to esoteric philosophy. Baphomet, for example, was worshipped by the Knights Templar; and the Vikings wore symbolic horns on their helmets. Giants, in the form of alien-human hybrids known as the Nephilim, also form an important element of the Old Testament.

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