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The Quaker Cemetery
Darby, PA


This place has a feel of desolation and sadness. When I visited it was overgrown and full of empty beer bottles and other trash. As I walked among the tombstones I noticed the grave of Colonial botanist John Bartram. How sad that his grave is in this neglected place!

It also became clear that there was a presence there. I took a lot of photos with my 35 mm camera and did not capture anything unusual, but when I listened to my recording I heard what was clearly a female voice that wss not mine on the tape.

I said, "Wait till I get my digital camera," and the female voice replied to that, but I am unable to make out what she says. Several people have said that she is not speaking English.

Here is the file: Quaker Cemetery EVP
Any ideas what is says? Please E-mail Us with your ideas.